Anyone Know How To Control Those Fat Ugly Caterpillars ?

CCChad(NSW Aust)February 29, 2004

I hate seeing those black caterpillars on my impatiens.

They make the impatiens look terrible and shabby.

I was lucky that I was wearing gloves when I was prunning them because one of them sprayed my glove with a greenish liquid, I guess if it touched the skin it would probably make it itchy or develop a rash.

How does everyone else deal with these nasties ?

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I whack them by spraying some non environmentally friendly good ol´ toxic insecticide.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

You may want to try insecticidal Soap these can be friendly to the enviroment. And the green stuff was more than likely poo to distract you from eating it :) Be careful of oil sprays Impatiens dont like them to much they can cause tip burn.

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