i need help with timers on hydro water cycle

randy5925January 11, 2007

im new to the whole hydro thing i understand the basic set up just fine what i need to know is how do i set my timer's for the water cycle in veg and flower should i leave the pump on 24/7 while in veg and then hook the pump up to my timers and have them come on and off in cycles during the light (flower)stage? i dont know how to do the watering can some one shed some light on this for me it's the last thing holding me back thanx all Randy

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You'll need to elaborate on your setup. By the way, nice name. Good luck, Randy

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I run my pump when the lights are on (16 hrs/day) in aeroponics, no matter the plant stage.

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im not worried about what name i use on here no one will ever know my real name any way im putting togeather a drip system 1 gal per hour so when ever the lights are one the pump is on full time even in 24 veg i gather
My next question is can you take a plant that has been in a soil pot and put a burlap sack and wrap it around the root ball with the soil and start it in a new hydro system?? and i took a clone last night and it dosent seem like it's going to make it to me this is what i did tell me what i did wrong please i took the top and soaked some rock whool and diped my cutting in olivias cloning gel and put it in the rock whool and put it under my agrosun flourscent light cloning makes me nurvouse i cut it at a 45 degree cut and put notches in the stock by the cut i made on the clone did i do somthing wrong? i need clones to use my hydro system

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If you didn't wash the roots thoroughly, you will transfer whatever pathogens were in the dirt to your nutrient solution.

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thanx Willard3 for your insite i didnt wash them at all i just cut them and diped them in cloning gel and inserted them in rock whool i hope it will pull out of it's stress any way thanx again

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so are they looking better?

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from what ive read some plants need high humidity when taking clones.(and i suppose some dont) try misting the cutting itself with water and also try keeping it under a sort of tent(clear plastic) to keep the humidity high.

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