dormant or dead?

pfinger1February 26, 2004

I have a bunch of impatiens that were planted in august, 2003...until about a month ago they have bloomed most of the time and looked great...suddenly they are just like leafless/flowerless can i tell if they're dead or will come back? They have really looked nice up until january.....I'm in southern california...

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Hold on to them a bit longer they may sprout back from the nodes. If not they will make great compost for the spring. You are much warmer than I am a here and they sometimes over winter in my garden. Some times weather change will cause them to drop leaves they may come back better than ever.

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pfinger1 there's really no way to tell if they are dead until the spring? No miracle gro or tests?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Look real close at the nodes you may see the starts of new leaves. Also check near the base for the same thing. I have some of my plants outside now and they are getting lots of grow buds. Many of my winter hardy perennials are coming up and the annuals are all over the place. For you most Impatiens should be hardy IF you live in a Zone 10 that is.

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Dead impatiens look dead, LOL, just kidding, they turn brown, gummy and wrinkled, if they don´t look like that then they´re dormant, what brings another subject, I find very difficult to understand why you say they´re dormant, I live in a colder area than you and mine are blooming, of course I gave them a much needed haircut in January, they´re not blooming like crazy, but anyway they´re blooming.

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