I've got Impatiens seedlngs! Now what?

lewdog(4)February 13, 2012


I am trying my darndest to grow impatiens from seed. This is my first attempt. At this point they have germinated (just this morning). I have them uncovered under florescent lighting with heating mats in my basement. They are in very very moist soil. I followed these instructions from Iowa State University: http://www.ipm.iastate.edu/ipm/hortnews/1996/2-9-1996/impa.html

My first question is, do they continue to need 24/7 lighting before the 7 - 10 day transplanting into the larger cell packs?

If anyone could help me out... that would be so awesome!


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Take them off of the heat mat. Heat is only needed for germination. I would leave the lights on 12 to 16 hours a day with the lights being just a few inches from the seedlings. If you worry that the soil is too wet you can put a fan on them set on low speed. It will dry it up and also help make stronger plants.

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Thanks franknjim!!!

I'm taking them off the heat mat today cause I think the germination process is done (about 75%!!). I plan on transplanting the junior impatiens in six pack cells with a non-soil mixture. They will be in my basement with fluorescent lighting for 16 hours each day. I plan on covering them with plastic lids. I hope I have this right.
Again any thoughts and assistance would be much appreciated!! Again, thanks franknjim!!!!!

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They won't need to be covered once they are up. Covering them is to keep the humidity high during germination.

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