help aerogarden nutrients for different machine?

newpeppergrower1105January 26, 2013

i made a hydroponic machine with four net cups in a 10 gallon bin and i have a brand new cherry tomatoe seed kit for the aerogarden and i have no use for it. i will be growing 4 hot peppers and need to know how many nutrients to use for the 10 gallon bin do i use the same amout i would use for the aerogarden or does a bigger bin mean more nutrients? i have two 8ml packets and 16 5.5 ml i just need the nutrients to last for a month until i purchase a nutrient kit can someone please help me figure out how many to use in one two week feeding thanks

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Thanks "newpeppergrower" for starting threads. It's an informative thread about hydroponics system. In label of some nutrients you see the feeding chart, If is not mention try some another nutrients like advanced nutrients. They have a feeding chart on their website.

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