AAACKK what's happening to my impatiens?

denidillMarch 14, 2004

Hi everyone,

I grew some Accent Sunrise Mix impatients. I seeded them in a pot and put pot in a plastic baggie. I got germination in about 7 days. Then I removed the pot and placed it under lights. 2 days later, I take a look and several seedlings have shriveled or maybe dried up (I can't tell which, without touching them and they are so small). This happened to the very young seedlings. The ones with the older growth were not affected. Could I have had the lights too close? I had them about 4 inches away. I moved the lights to 6 inches away. Or is this damping off? They are not lying flat on the ground. None of them have their first true leaves yet.


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It does not sound like the lights should be the problem (especially if you use fluorescent). It could be damping off (damping off is a common description for seedling disease and it does not always attack the stem only).

The problem can also be low humidity. We have found that impatiens do best if kept under humidity plastic for a few days after germination. Also, avoid temperatures below 65 deg F for the first week.

Luckily, you can take cuttings from impatiens really easy. When they grow a little bigger (6-8 weeks) cut stems off with 3-4 leaves on each. remove lower 2-3 leaves and put in a cup of water to root (change water daily). In 7 days they should root and you can put them up (cover with plastic for 2-3 days after you put them up). You can double your amount of impatiens this way. Very easy, and very fun.

By the way, you did remember to water, e.g. the seed starting mixture was not allowed to dry out, right ?

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Thanks for your excellent suggestions. I did remember to water...they did not dry out. I am wondering if it is low humidity, as I live in Calgary, AB, where it is very dry in the winter. I had left the seedlings in the baggie for about a week after germination, I don't think the temperature fell below 65 degrees. So, now I am using the "No-Damp" in case it is damping off. How often should I use this product??

And thanks for your suggestions regarding propagation of more impatiens. I didn't know you could do this,and will definitely give it a try. I was sorry that I lost some due to this "mystery illness", but now I know I can still make up my losses.

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derfy(5 MI)

sure sounds like damping off, I fight it with everything that i try to grow from seed. Tried everything including total sterilization of soiul and containers

You're lucky as at least yours came up. Mine won't germinate and i think i have to resort to bottom heat.'

Where do you get the product Damp Off?

Best luck I have had with preventing damp off is using a fan and blow air across. That's what local growers do here

At the price of a flat I wonder why i waste my time

Fred from MI

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