I Moved! Need Help!

girlscout(7b)March 13, 2005

Hi all,

I moved south and am having to start my beds all over again! I love, love, love impatiens! I like easy to care for plants...don't we all. Anyway,in my new home ALL of my beds are in full sun!

Is there any species that grow with the ease of impatiens, thrive like impatiens and do NOT need to be deadheaded...geesh...seems like everything I plant likes to be deadheaded...except impatiens...and that is just another reason why I love them!


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Try new guiney impatiens. They may be slightly more sun tolorant than regular impatiens.

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kelser01(z8 TX)

I've been really pleased with begonias. We plant them in the median full sun all day every day and they do great. Moss Roses but they do not get the height that the impatients and begonias do.


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Do New Guinea Impatiens spread as well?

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check them both out!


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becktuck(6b-7 (middle TN))

I'd suggest vinca! They need lots of hot sun to flower. They have compact, dark green foliage with lots of flowers -- I've seen white, vivid pink and occasionally red, which seem to be a bit harder to find.

I moved from Tennessee to Florida and had success with them both places as long as they get lots of sun. You you can deadhead if you like, but don't really need to -- they'll flower copiously without it. They will spread and fill in nicely.

If you choose New Guinea impatiens, I would suggest that you plant them so they only get morning sun unless you are able to water pretty frequently.

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