Old Fashioned Impatiens walleriana

brianbruningMarch 22, 2013

I have a couple of clones of this in coral and violet. I'm looking for more colors and willing to trade. They are winter hardy here. Modern dwarf I. wallerianas are not.
I also collect I. sodenii clones. My newest one is pink with a dime sized magenta spot at the nectary. Wish me luck. I'll trade cutting of my older types anytime.

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If you have a hardy variety, it's not that difficult to collect the seed and this will of course give you a variety of colors. When you find a ripe pod, cup your left hand round it with the palm upwards then gently squeeze the sides of the pod. If the seeds are ripe it will burst open. Most of them will end up on the ground but you should be able to catch a few. They are mid-brown in color. If the pod does not burst open spontaneously the seed is not ripe (white). Good luck - Ian.

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