annabelle transplants

thorn_grower(Zone 5)April 3, 2010

Was given two pots in the fall, wintered them over and planted them today. Wasn't much root that I could see but lots of green buds emerging from the soil. Is there anything I should be doing to ensure there survival.


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Hello, Mark. Keep them well mulched (3-4" of any type of mulch) up to the drip line or one feet away since they are new kids on the block. Water when the soil feels almost dry or dry (insert a finger to a depth of 4"). If the pots contained fertilizer pellets, do not fertilize this year; fertilize in June of 2011 with 1 cup of cottonseed meal, manure, compost or you can also use a general purpose slow-release fertilizer like Osmocote. The plant can get 4-6' wide so choose a spot where it will be crowded out. Sprinkle coffee grounds thru the growing season but stop all fertilizers by July in order to prepare the plant for winter.

Note: I would have planted it about two weeks after your average date of last frost. Should a late frost visit, feel free to cover/protect the shrub. The low temps may zap the new leaves but new should eventually grow again.


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