Pinch-and-Poke techhnique

wdc202(Wash. DC)March 23, 2006

This is a second appeal for more information on the pinch-and-poke technique.

-- HOW is p-and-p from just regular propagation?

-- What does "pinch" mean? "Poke?" -- Do they have specialized meanings?

-- What is the medium for the "cuttings?"

Can someone please point me to the best "tutorial" on the subject?

P-and-P sounds so good. I'd love to try it. ..... wdc

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Cute photo demo! I have done this with impatiens too, as well as coleus and bergamot. It helps also if you spray the leaves with water and put a clear plastic bag over the cutting to keep it humid since its getting all of its water from the leaves until it makes roots (though if the cutting is outside it will have to be in the shade if you bag it - a little sun is okay for bagged ones if its in a sunny window in a cool house).

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I tried the pinch and poke with my impatiens and all of mine wilted and did not root. I did not spray them with water daily since it is so humid in Tampa and they are in the shade most of the day. Do you think spraying would solve the problem?

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I posted the pinch and poke pictures and I must say not all root. the shorter the sections, the easier I think with just a couple of leaves. Not all of mine take either and many look terribly wilted for a while. I think it depends on time of day you pinch too, early morning is best. You can just prepare a large plastic wide pot with soil (usually the hanging basket pots are good), then poke several cuttings in that this way you can keep that in shade somewhere near where you might handwater frequently, then transplant them after they root. I do that also and have made hundreds of new plants.

Also works well with million-bells petunias.
Here's a picture of pots of petunias I did that way:

Keep trying, it does really work.

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I also find it harder to get them to "take" during these hot/humid spells. This time of the year I take cuttings and just root them in a glass of water inside and that's more dependable for me. The rest of my propagating plants get misted several times a day outside.

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thanks pauline and nberg7. i think I will try the water glass techinique. it is so hot on my screened in porch and it also gets some sun, maybe too much for them.

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Just keep them in a shaded area and keep the soil moist. I never get 100% of all I plant but most of them do take.


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Awesome tutorial!

I tried something VERY similar, actually, only difference was I used rooting hormone.

All mine rotted, but I think that was because I pinched from a diseased new guinea impatien (trying to save some of it). Maybe I watered too much. Now I'm trying a cutting in a bag with some moss (also with rooting hormone). Anyone try that?

The person in the tutorial got visible results after only a week? or did I misunderstand?

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I got about 40 new plants off of a very leggy double bloomer. I put the cuttings in a container and placed it in the shade.

I also misted them every day in the morning before work and when I got home. Not long just put the sprayer on mist and sprayed over it for a few passes.

They looked horrible for about 2 weeks some 3. I did notice that the ones with the shorter stem did better faster. The ones that had almost no stem and i just put in the soil out of curiosity had the least amt of wilt.

Give it another shot. It is well worth it. I am planting mine out this weekend. We will actually have temps under 90. woooooooohooooooooo


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Thanks, Carey

I'll keep trying until I get it right. The baggie ones rotted too. Now I'm going to try a plain o'l glass of water. Someone mentions that might work with NGs. I'm on day 3. Good news is, I found that what was killing mine were tiny mites, not my neighbor's dog's little visit he paid us once, right on my impatiens, I might add. Anyone here looking for a shnauzer?

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I never bag or cover mine, I just put them in a shady bright spot and keep the soil moist. At first they may go a bit limp sometimes but they spring back once new roots start forming.


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This is my favorite Petunia (not sure of the name). I'm trying to P&P inside to make another lush hanging baskets for next year. Has anyone tried this kind with any success? What are my chances doing this inside. They're looking pretty sad right now.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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