lemonwave hydrangea

greyandamyApril 16, 2011

I have a large Lemonwave hydrangea that is in a pot that I've had on east side of house, where it gets fair amount of AM sun. The edges of some leaves are turning brown.

Do you think this is from the sun (meaning it's in too much?), as the leaves are so white/yellow (thus seeming fragile)? Or could this be more from so much rain? We've had a lot, inches. And although it's in a pot with adequate drainage (I would think), I'd really like to know what's wrong?

I'm sure it's not a disease, just one of the above two I'm thinking? I Moved to north side of house, but we're still getting lots of rain.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. THANKS!!!!


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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Too much sun causes the leaves to turn all yellow or dirty white. However, if the leaves are yellow except for the leaf veins then the soil has become too alkaline and you need to amend it so it is more acidic. Garden Sulphur, Green Sand and liquid iron-chelated products can all do this. Aluminum Sulfate will also do this but it may turn pink blooms blue.

If the edges of the leaves turn brown, the plant may need more soil moisture. Use the finger method to get watering under control: insert a finger into the soil to a depth of 4" daily for about 2 weeks. If it feels dry or almost dry, water and make a note of this in a wall calendar. After 2 weeks, review the information on the wall calendar. Determine how often you watered: every 2/3/4/etc days. Then make a habit to water on that frequency. If the temperatures change 10-15 degrees or if you move the pot, recheck again using the finger method.

Lots of rain will also cause the soil to temporarily become alkaline. It happens here on the rainy season. I usually take no action, as the problem self corrects on its own. If I see no improvement in two weeks or so, I amend the soil to acidify it.

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It's still happening, I give it another 2 weeks, then it's composted. It's not too much sun, or too little moisture, or a acid/alkaline issue. I've been reading under this forum and a very select few seem to be having a rather similar issue (very small group). I'm beginning to wonder if it's something ... in the atmosphere (for lack of better word) this crazy season. It's like the edges burn, on some leaves. I remove the leaves.. it's become old. I repotted. Waterings fine. Very BIZARRE. ANYONE RAISING HEALTHY lemonwaves this season??


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Yellow leaf hydrangeas (like Lemon Daddy) and highly variegated hydrangeas (like Lemon Wave) tend to be somewhat less robust than typical, usually due to the lack of chlorophyll in the foliage. IME, these types of hydrangeas do best in quite a lot of shade - those pale leaves scorch very easily in much sun. Even the low intensity sun we receive here in the PNW :-)

Plants grown in containers also face some other challenges. I'd be interested to know the size of container this plant is in, how long it's been in the container, the type of potting soil and how it gets fertilized. All of these factors could have a bearing on browning leaf edges.

I wouldn't give up on it.......we just need to figure out what's wrong and correct it :-)

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You are so so kind gardengal!
The hydrangea is in a 18x18" pot. I know that doesn't tell you much, but her roots are neither crammed in nor does she have massive excess space... maybe 2" (guestimate) extra soil on sides and maybe guesstime 3" on bottom. The soil is miragrow (No water crystals) with added perlite and fine bark. She was placed in the pot last November, as she won't happily overwinter in this zone if outside (no flowers). As I just changed soil 2? weeks ago the roots look fine. Current location is NE exposure, with a wall against her back... The leaves that brown are only the white ones (or mostly white) and it starts at edges and creeps in. Which reminds me of sunscorch (b/c mostly green leaves seem ago) or just too much water (it's been raining so much here)... I know it's best to eventually get her in ground for the season, we just need the rain to stop/soil to dry. Due to her foliage, her soil's moist but not sopping (usually)...I've been afraid to fertilize yet, due to this issue. But the miracle grow contains some...


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