Growth Rate on Blushing Bride

dtothekApril 13, 2014

Hello! I recently was given two 'Endless Summer Blushing Bride' varieties and planted these in my front garden. I was curious, however, how fast these will grow. They were cut back tremendously before transplanting and have only been in my new soil a few days. There does not appear to be any new growth as of yet. I live in Zone 5 (midwest).

Apologize for the picture quality but they are only about 12" in height. Any thoughts on whether I will see 'green' this summer?

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As long as the plants are viable you should see green. Not sure exactly when you should expect that in your area - bigleaf hydrangeas here are only just starting to leaf out.

It's hard to predict growth rate. That depends so much on siting, soil conditions, weather, etc., but all plants need time in the ground to get settled and the root system developed before they put on much top growth. I would expect to see some growth this season, more next and even more the following.

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