Where did my hummingbirds go?

MamaflorenceNovember 27, 2013

Since my flowers have faded I have had a very large number (maybe a dozen individuals) of hummingbirds making good use of my feeders the last couple of months. We had a hard freeze last week and I brought the feeders in at night and replaced them at dawn. I have continued to keep them clean and fresh, but now no more hummers! Are they mad at me for bringing the food source at night? I've never seen them at night so I don't think that's it. Any reason they would all disappear all at the same time? I believe I had both Rufous and Anna's, both males and females. What happened? Is this normal?

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janalyn(sw BC)

Hmm, I'm north of you but near the ocean. We have had a mild fall with lots of sunshine, until that freeze I had a lot of flowers still blooming. It wasnt cold enough to freeze the sugar solution. My hummers are still around but they are all Annas. No idea unless they moved to a warmer area?

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The others probably migrated.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Mamaflorence, I'm just a few minutes from the ocean on the coast, but the three that have apparently decided to overwinter are still here this morning. We've been bringing feeders in overnight when temps are predicted to drop below 30, 31, they are put back at 6:30 AM.

The rufous I had daily earlier in the year I last saw in July - from what I've read, they leave quite early in the season and I won't expect to see them again before March.

Keep up your feeders just in case. If they are still around they will need those warming calories first thing in the morning - I'm finding them feeding just before daylight (not quite 7 AM). You might want to check feeders mid day tomorrow and Sat, the forecast I'm seeing could mean daytime freezing of the solution and you'll want to make sure food is available.

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