I just bought my first Hydrangea and I need help

chrisinfloridaApril 11, 2009

I just bought 4 Pee Gee Hydrangea that are 2 ft, 2 yr. old, bare root. This is my first hydrangea so I have to ask a dumb question. I have bought lots of bare root plants but they had roots. These look like they just dug down to the roots and cut them off. Is that right? I want to get these planted but I want to make sure this is the way they are supposed to look. Thanks for listening Chris

PS the true name of these is Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora Also known as Snowball Bush

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I have not bought hydrangeas bare root but I can see why they do that (less shipping costs). Hydrangeas will have some small roots near the surface and maybe this is the case here. However, I really would have expected some visible roots of some size in each specimen. Just where did you buy this anyway? I would call them back to confirm all is well and just so they (and you) have a note that you called... in case the plants do not make it!

Note: I assume they did not send you a specimen of Viburnum also called Snowball Bush.

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H. paniculata should have some white fleshy roots.
If your 2' PGs have 3-4 of such roots and they are at least 6-8" in lenghts plants most likely will be fine. If not...I'd be start looking for return/refund.

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