What type of Oakleaf Hydrangea?

jlarios23April 12, 2014

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Can anyone identify this particular oakleaf hydrangea? It's supposed to be a Vaughn's Lillie Quercifolia...bought it as such...but the vast majority of the flowers seem to be the fertile type. The panicles look suspiciously like those of Sikes Dwarf ones that I've seen around the net...

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Go to your local nursery and take a cutting of one of the flowers , they can properly identify it.

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I'm not at all sure I'd agree with that :-)

Both Vaughn's Lillie and Sikes' Dwarf should be mostly sterile florets - these are unnaturally (IMO) weighted towards the fertile flowers. They look weird........not seen anything quite like it.

I assume these are the first flowers of the season? Perhaps they'll grow out of it.....that sometimes happens. If not, I wouldn't hesitate to return it if it were my plant.

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