Are there any others as small as 'Pia' ?

buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)April 22, 2009

I have room for several more shrubs but they need to be 'Pia' sized at maturity.

I already have 3 'Pia' and 3 other macrophyllas and want "someone" different. Do any of the non macrophylla species/cultivars stay that small?

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I have two H.serrata, 'Midoriboshi Temari' and 'Miyama Yae Murasaki' that after 2 years in a ground reached 3.5' (1 meter) and staying that way ever since. I grow them since 2004.
H. macrophilla Glowing Ember/Alpenglow would normally stay in 3'+ range unless you heavily feed it.
New introductions, Paris and Vienna supposedly will stay in 3' and 2' respectively. After two years they are 2' and 1' so far in my garden.
Obviously, with a longer growing season and Eden climate of Oregon your numbers could be different.

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