Will hydrangea grow in tropical climates?

lauralizcApril 11, 2008


I live in Hawaii and love hydrangea. Is it possible to grow these beautiful plants in a warm climate? Do they need a cold spell like lilacs? Are there particular varieties more suited to fairly sunny but sometimes wet and humid tropical weather?

If I'm out of luck with hydrangea, is anyone aware of a shrub that resembles hydrangea? I love the look of bushy, colorful flowers and am going for a cottage look in my garden.

Thank you! Laura

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When i visited Hawaii last fall I ask a local nurseryman why I don't see any hydrangea all around?
His answer was that 1) Hawaii have a very strict regulation about introduction of any non-native plants
and 2) Hydrangeas anyway (supposedly) will not tolerate your warm/hot climate and volcanic soil.
In support of his reason #2 I could only tell that I know people who was trying to grow hydrangeas in a mountain region of Panama where year around temperature stays in 75-90F range and humidity is low. No luck, all plants never went dormant and succumbed on a second-third year.

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