late hummer visits

lilyfantn(z6TN)November 10, 2012

Hello everyone - I seem to have a very late visitor to my hummer feeder. Usually here in the mountains of NE Tn. my last hummer sighting is in early October. So I took my feeders in a few weeks ago. This past Wednesday a hummer hovered in front of my living room window at face level while I was looking out. I could SWEAR it was asking for the feeder to be put out again! So I cooked up some more sugar water and put it out. Today I once again saw a hummer at the feeder. I am assuming it is the same one but I am not positive.

I noticed that other people have commented in some of the posts on late migration in their areas too. I wonder if this is a widespread phenomenon this year? Occasionally we have hummers here that spend the whole winter. But I think these are not the same as the summer residents. Any thoughts about this from any of you?

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

wow, that's late! I wonder if the southern hummer folk are seeing less/has there been a delay in their arrival?

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I've had one around for a while now. Guess it's a winter resident. I have to move the feeder from time to time because of some critter that would drain the feeder at night. By moving it, there's less tampering with it. The hummer seems to find it regardless!

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Hi everyone !! I am in southern Maryland and we continue to see hummers almost every day ! I've been researching this and it seems it is a western hummer invasion / phenomenon this year ! so cool ! I worry that it will get too cold for them but hope they will know when and if it is time to migrate to warmer climates.

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