Impatiens rothii tuber

fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)March 3, 2012

I ordered one from Cistus this year- potted it up and now am waiting for it to sprout. How long is going to take? It's been at least 3 weeks maybe 4. I also won a flanaganae tuber on ebay and it took probably 3 weeks and now it has good growth. The rothii tuber is still firm and looks ok to me. I keep it just barely moist so it won't rot- half the tuber is exposed like the flanaganae- should I cover it completely? Temp is in the 60's, do I need to bump it up? Am I being too eager?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

This species is very late to emerge. It seems all others are up and going when this one seems to decide to come up. I know if you keep it from freezing, it will be evergreen.

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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)

Ok then, I'll just sit tight and TRY to be patient. It might kill me though! Thanks

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