Double impatiens

bonbon_ak(interior alaska)March 17, 2004

Hi I am new to the garden web and love to check in. Does anyone have any experience with starting double impatien seeds. I started accent impatiens and double seeds at the same time and place. The accents did very well but the doubles were only about 20 per cent. Is there a difference in the way I should have started the double impatien seeds? Thanks Bon

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We had similar experiences as you did. Appearantly they are extremely sensitive. You need to keep fantastic hygine around these seeds or they will damp off immediately. Two years in a row we had entire flats die within a day.

It is recommended to use a sterile growing media without any starter nutrient and ensure as much aeration in the media as you can. Cover the seeds with a very light layer of fine vermiculite to keep humidity high around the seeds. Grow them between 72 and 77 deg F and keep an eye on them for germination. When the radicle penetrates the growing media, vent immediately as too wet conditions will result in instant damping off.

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joy4me(z6 NY)

I haven't found the seeds around where I am for the doubles. Last year I brought my doubles indoors for the winter and babied them through, then took cuttings again a few weeks ago as they were a bit leggy. They seem to be doing fine, though I don't get much sun indoors.

Does anyone know if seeds from the doubles flowers revert back to single or grow true to the mother plant?

My doubles looked beautiful last year! Like two foot tall, full little rose bushes and bloomed all season. I'd love to try seeds for next year too.


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ohiogal(z5-6 OH)

I know Harris Seeds carries them They have a catalog and good website with good growing instructions as they also sell to professional growers. Looks tricky on keeping seeds at right temp for germination. I've never tried them from seed, but I love them too. Especially one flat I bought a couple years ago called Blackberry Ice. Wayside sells the plants for $35 a dozen!! Way too much for me.

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Maryanne531(z7 NJ)

I'm growing double impatiens from cuttings, from a plant grown from a cutting last fall. Yes, the blooms are just like the original stock plant.

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bonbon_ak(interior alaska)

I did have some survive and they are doing fine, I did get the seed from Harris. They have not bloomed yet. The accents are now just starting to bloom. I will take cuttings later.

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pkanderson(z7 MD)

Do doule impatients seed like regular impatients seed?

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Mama_Mc(z5 SW IA)

I have a basket of double impatients, but can't find the seeds anywhere. Maybe I should take some cuttings from this one for next year.

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bonbon_ak(interior alaska)

My double impatiens that I started from seed are doing very well now. I think your idea about taking cuttings from the plants you now have is a good one. I have taken cuttings inside for the winter before. They need extra light and watch for spider mites..

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I have never considered growing the doubles from seed, not having a greenhouse. I had a double white one I bought and got through the winter hung under a skylight. I would take cuttings if I wanted more than this one. Cuttings of single types have always rooted just in a jar of water. I even stuck the stems of cuttings in my tropical fish aquarium in very bright sun and they grew.
The only one I have, the white one, looks, as described, like a rose bush, half covered with flowers.

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My plants are sick and I don't know what is causing it. They are not opening, have many buds, and today the leaves are showing brown spots with white in the middle. Can anyone give me a clue what it is? There are no bugs involved actively on the leaves, and my single impatiens are also involved. My marigolds and nicotia planted along side of them show no symtoms. Help! Thank you!

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