Need Suggestions: Best hydrangeas for my yard

whiteforest(6 MI)April 25, 2012

I have two spots in my yard where I really would like to put hydrangeas in, and I was hoping to get some more knowledgable opinions on what would best suit each spot.

The first location gets a lot of morning sun then moves to dappled shade in the afternoon. It will probably get a little more shade in the afternoon as the season progresses and the trees finish filling in. There's room for a larger hydrangea here.

The second spot will not get any morning sun, but will get dappled afternoon and evening sun. This hydrangea needs to grow more upright, and can't grow more than about 4 feet wide.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Some personal preferences: I would prefer something that will bloom spring-fall. I prefer mopheads to lacecaps. Purples are always my favorite, and always prefer color to white. I know that my preferences may not match the requirements of where I'm planting, but some melding of the two would be ideal.


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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

George would be a great help here, especially if you were to add pictures of the two locations!

In the area where you can have a large shrub, it sounds like you could plant some paniculatas (a lot of these grow large). However, they start with white blooms usually, which change in 2-4 weeks. Not sure if these would be ok; you said you do not like white...

If you do not like whites then a mophead hardy to your location -perhaps a rebloomer- would fit the bill? There are also some arborescens that grow with pink blooms (sometimes called pink Annabelles). Have you seen those at the nurseries? You should verify that you like their pink color before buying as a few people do not like it.

Purple-ish hydrangeas require soil that is just a little acidic and shrubs that will resist turning blue. It may be a hassle messing around with the soil pH so I am not sure if I would recommend that.

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whiteforest(6 MI)

It's not that I don't like white. I do, I just prefer color. Also, I suppose I haven't seen any paniculatas in person, because 8-10 feet would be too large for that area. I was thinking a 6 foot maximum spread was large. :) The paniculata could work if I decided to add along the very back of the yard though.

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springwood_gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Doesn't sound like there is enough sunlight for a paniculata. Besides there are a bunch of different paniculata that don't exceed 6x6. A good spring-fall bloomer sounds like what you are looking for, but most of those do not approach 6x6 except maybe blushing bride. Forever & Ever Fantasia is supposed to approach this too but the jury might be out on it for a while. Most other rebloomers range from 4x4 down to 2x2.

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what about one of the new smaller oakleafs??? They start white but age pink plus good fall color

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What are some tried and true cultivators for mostly shade? I have a spot that gets filtered light all day, no direct sunlight
I have a Blue Endless Summer that seems to be doing ok, but I just wanted to see what has worked for people. Oh also, what kind of winter protection should I give the ES in z7a? Thanks!

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Your first spot is perfectly suited for just about any macrophylla hydrangea. Find one that's purple and will grow into your location.

While your second spot is not "perfect" for hydrangeas, macrophyllas do flourish in that kind of light.

I continue to be an Endless Summer fan. The ones that get "perfect" light are about 5x5 and the ones that get your second spot kinda light are about 4x4 in my garden. They bloom from May to November. Still is a no fuss plant that wows me and my neighbors.

Good luck!

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whiteforest(6 MI)

Thank you for the suggestions! I'll be picking up some plants depending on what the markets have this weekend. I'm sure I'll find Endless Summer, as they were selling those last year.

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whiteforest(6 MI)

Well, I came home with 2 Forever & Ever Blue Heaven's today. I didn't have many options today, and I was in the mood to do some planting. Hopefully they'll thrive, but I haven't heard much about F&E's.

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