Impatiens in summer heat in Savannah 8b

casey8b_savannahMarch 22, 2007

I'm new to gardening here in Savannah,GA., altho I have gardened alot in SE Florida before we moved up here. We're inland, not near the water (Georgetown area).

I have a huge shade garden (early morning sun only)to put in and have started getting my plants (Autumn Fern, Cinnimon Fern, Hostas, Hydrangeas, Sweet Potato Vine and Loropetum (sp?)so far).

But am not too sure of the advice I got regarding Impatiens. Back in Florida they grow beautifully during the winter months but can't take the heat of summer, but it seems just as hot here tho. I was told they will thrive here throughout the hot summer months and bloom into December. This was from the 'master gardener' at the HD garden center.

I'd *love* to put in tons of them if they really will do well here! So...was that good or bad advice?? (Also welcome any suggestions for any other plants that I should put in!!)


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I'm right outside of Savannah. My impatiens bloomed like crazy from April 'til frost last year. They were in full shade, though, and got lots of water. They'll drink a lot in our summer heat. Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

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Thanks leylowe! I'm planting today, have 2 flats of impatiens going in ( :

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