leaflover76(5b)May 28, 2012

Anyone have Beckoning? I bought it this year because of the Hosta Library photo and mine did not have the variegation once unfurled. Does it come later in the season? I would love photos.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Variegation took about a month to develop on mine. Second year plant.


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davej_07(z5 WI)

It needs sun to really show off.


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I've had mine in the garden for many years, it starts to colour up mid June, by mid July it is a show stopper.

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Sun and warm weather make all the difference with this plant. It has also been a very slow grower. It's actually one of my least favorites.

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I have high hopes for Beckoning. It colors up fairly early here, but it is slow. Mine is still one small eye after four years.

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I've long been interested in Hosta that change their characteristics through the season (see my rant on blue Hosta planted in lotsa sun).

This particular one is on my faves list with regard to this, along with 'Cynthia', 'Rascal, 'Gold Regal', 'Janet', et. al.

Just another wonderful variation of the interest of Genus Hosta!


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Interesting to see contrast in this bed change - top pic is in May with blue-green Beckoning in brighter green sea of Sweet Woodruff, as compared to now.


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So you do not mean the blue looking plant in the background, but the one with only blue margins left....and then a grayish green leaf with a bit of makeup on the veins?

Geez, that is a big difference. Also difference in the sweet woodruff.

Neat. Pretty both ways.

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