Have I killed it?

PrairieClover(3a)March 14, 2006

I brought my varigated impatien in for the winter, and now have noticed it has aphids. I did take it into the shower to try and wash them off, but they've come back. So now I have just sprayed it with Safers. This is a lesson that one should always read the lable before spraying, as the label says not to use on impatiens. Have I just murdered my plant?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

You have to wait and see. It may survive. Impatiens dont like oil based sprays like neem but they will survive most of the time they just look bad. You may get some tip die back and some leaf drop.

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One more other question,
I've noticed that some of the leaves (this was before I sprayed) were curling under from the edges, almost as though a leaf curling catterpillar was doing it. There are no catterpillars though and other then that the plant looks fairly healthy. Any ideas?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

It could be from the bugs sometimes mites will do that. With the spraying they should have been done in as well with the other critters.

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