Newbie question: Hydrangea cutting

Aimee46764April 8, 2013

In clearing my garden this weekend I noticed a branch of my hydrangea touching the ground. When I tried to pick it up to examine it, I noticed it had actually rooted in the ground!

I cut it at the base of the plant, brought it inside and put the rooted part in water in a sunny window... now I'm wondering if it could possibly be true that I could plant this in the ground and get a new plant! :) My hydrangea are my favorite features in our garden (they were here when we moved in last year!)

Wondering if you have advice for me on the following:
-- Is it ok to just leave this rooted branch in a vase until it is warm enough outside to plant?
-- Any advice on timing of planting it?
-- Any advice on location or other tips to help me succeed?
-- Any sense of what to expect for first year growth?

As an FYI, there are a few buds on the branch.

Thanks for any advice! As I start to get more into caring for my garden this season, I'm looking forward to diving into the forums.

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What you describe is called ground layering. See the article on it near the bottom of the page in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ways to propagate hydrangeas

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Hydrangeas are among the easiest plants to start from cuttings, as well as natural layering. I never start them in water, as that offers no benefit. Al

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Thanks for that link... Unfortunately, I'd already cut from the main plant and put it in a vase of water in my kitchen, so can't try the tricks to reduce shock. I put it in what I think is a good spot in the ground and watered well... Will keep an eye on it and see how it does! It will be fun to see if it takes... Nothing lost if it doesn't. I am feeling my way with this whole gardening thing, so I appreciate the advice!

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