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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)March 20, 2005

Is balfourii difficult to grow from seed?

One month ago, I planted 12 balfourii seeds (purchased from Hortus Botanicus) in 2 pony packs, which were placed in a flat with walleriana hybrids. I covered the flat with a humidity dome and placed it on a heat mat (set to 75 degrees). These steps comply with the directions given on the packets for kinds of seeds.

After two weeks, many of the walleriana had germinated, so I took the flat off the heat mat (to make room for other seeds). Those that had sprouted have contined to grow, and others have since germinated. However, the bafourii still have not shown any signs of life.

Any clues to what I'm doing wrong? Do these seeds take longer than 30 days to germinate? Do they need more or less heat, light, or anything else?

Also, should I try to salvage those balfourii seeds I've already sown, or should I start over with new ones?


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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Impatiens balfourii likes to be left out in the cold. It is from the Himalayas and temps in its native habatat get pretty cold. I would put them outside and let them go through a cold spell no need to start new ones. I have some getting ready to flower now, but I live in a Zone 9. Its one of the easiest species to start by seed. I am not sure how cold it will take it but it should take down into the 20s. I would collect seed in the fall and keep them in the fridge until you are sure that they will reseed for you.

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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)

Will do! Thanks for the advice.

We're still in the mid- to low 30s at night; I hope that's cold enough for 'em!

I was storing the seeds in the fridge before I planted them (and the remainder are still in my crisper drawer). Silly me! I let them warm up to room temperature before I sowed them.

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