Impatiens Under Maples?

jmcbackyarddigger(z6b So IL)March 31, 2012

Everything I read says don't plant anything under a maple tree if you want it to thrive.

I know that this applies to perennials because I've tried hosta time and time again. Advice on the gardenweb says that that's a no-no. I AGREE after failing continually with my numerous attempts.

So what about impatiens? I thought I might give them a try this year and see what happens.

The maple tree in question is one of the tall hard maple types.

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Anything you plant under your maple will be competeing with the tree roots for moisture and nutrients. Nothing will do well there unless it is planted in a pot and the pot sunk into the ground. Then you'd have the problem of cutting tree roots to plant the pot. They do make circular pots for going around a tree if you can find them or you could do a triangle or square with window boxes. They could sit on top of the ground and be hardly noticable once the impatiens spill over the edge.

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