Curse of the good weather....

ostrich(3a AB)April 2, 2010

We are experiencing some unseasonably warm weather here in NE Ohio. Right now, it's 82F out there!!! It felt HOT!!! It was gorgeous out there. Everything was sprouting/budding out prematurely in the yard. My ES, Limelight, Quick Fire, Annabelle, Pinky Winky are all budding nicely..... however, this is the problem. Being in NE Ohio, we all know that the temperature will drop again! Sigh! I am so hoping that there will not be a hard freeze later that will just kill off all of this tender growth.... GIMME COLD WEATHER IN APRIL!!!!!! (isn't it ironic that I am saying this!? ROTFLOL)

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I hear forsythia typically bloom 2nd week of April. They suddenly went from a bud to a flower JUST today!

Someone's Magnolia was flowering today! Game over for that...mine look like they could pop any minute.

Hydrangeas are all still sleeping.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I still haven't uncovered my hydrangea. It's still under it's blanket of leaves. Although, I am REALLY feeling the itch to get out there and uncover it. It's just SO unsitely to see that burlap out there!

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I am going to uncover mine today Kenstar. The itch has got to bad for me!!LOL!! I have spring flowers blooming all around them. The burlap looks terrible! I dug up my Lady In Red yesterday and replaced it. But no worries I put in a huge pot that I am going to put in the basement over winter. I looked at the 10 day and they say there is no chance of frost or even temps in the 30's. If there is a chance of frost in the future i will just run around the yard with sheets! I have well over 100 Daffodils in bloom and about a dozen early Tulips also. Along with many other early spring bulbs. Just like Whass my Forsythia is in full bloom as of yesterday!!

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I know how you feel! All the trees are budding out, my daffs are getting set to bloom and the crocus is in full swing. The itch is getting bad! I at least want to uncover enough to see how it is faring. This week (probably Monday) I'll check it out at least. I can always run around like a lunatic with my sheets or an overturned pot. lol!

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When I was in college in Atlanta, we had one of those years where everything get coaxed into blooming early. You obviously can guess what happened then! Sigh!

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I saw forsythia's in bloom today all around the city! Awesome! Spring is here!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Oh my! Suddenly, I see forsythia, magnolias and even crabapples blooming all over town!!! How weird is this in early April!? LOL

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Same thing around Akron magnolias and forsythias blooming everywhere. What is really wierd in my yard is my Crown Imperial Bulb is about bloom any minute now. If I remember correctly it usually blooms late April to early May. Even my pear tree has blooms popping open and noticed the neighbors weeping cherry starting to bloom!!! My stella daylilies are shooting buds also!!! Crazy how early everything is!!! I just haven't seen any crabapples blooming around here yet, but both of mine are setting buds.

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

My crocus bloomed weeks ago and are done now. In Maine!

Most of the h.ydrangeas are getting little leaves.

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