still putting feeders out?

flamingofl42(9)November 23, 2011

I live in the Apopka, Florida, area. I haven't seen a hummingbird in a while. Should I keep the feeders out, just in case a hummer is in the area and I just haven't seen it?

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I always brought my feeders in for the winter months, then a few years ago we had Anna's hummingbirds show up in December and began courtship/nesting... I put a plastic feeder out for them (in case it froze, I didn't want the glass ones to break)and although they don't use it much they do like to hang out in the tree where it hangs; their 'turf' I suppose.

Anyways, they come back yearly now and I put the feeder out for them - mostly for my entertainment but they do seem to appreciate it during cold spells.

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It is said that all areas should leave a feeder out just in case there is a straggler and it could mean the difference between life or death in that case. I usually leave one out till at least turkey day and I still have one out but have never had a late hummer here in my zone 6.

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You are in an area of Florida that could have hummers all winter. I live in Lakeland and it is strange but there are areas in town and north of Lakeland that have more hummers in the summer than in the winter. On the south side of Lakeland we have more wintering hummers than summer ones. We all get the migratory ones that come through till April and then we start seeing them in early Sept. and then on until the winter ones stay. I have a friend in Clermont who sees them more in the summer and others who visit that report having them at different times of the year. So my words of advice is to keep the feeders up. With the weather we have been having it is hard to tell who or what will show up when. Good luck.

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