Will Impatiens.....

Breezy_Fl(z9/Hudson,Fl.)March 20, 2004

Will Impatiens fare well planted in/with a Rose bed?

The are will get morning shade and afternoon sun.Its a pretty hot area BUT they will get regular irrigation.

Is this a good idea?

I need something for a full sun area,something that will not get over a foot or so and they will have to be compatible with Roses.

Any suggestions?

Something I can pick up from Home Depot?

Breezy-zone 9

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CCChad(NSW Aust)

Impatiens prefer shade, but if they have to have half sun,they prefer it to be morning sun,and afternoon shade,as the afternoon sun is more scorching.....
Having said that,I have some impatiens that receive afternoon sun,and they don't look as good as the full shade ones,but for me,they look better in the winter.
It's up to you...But if it's for a rose bed, look for sun lover plants,like petunias,or daisies.

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The only secret to keep impatiens in full sun is regular watering, sometimes 2 times a day, they won´t grow as big or bloom as much as being in partial shade but they bloom enough to make the effort well worth, and in your zone they are perennial.

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