jree(z6 TN)March 8, 2004

my impatiens have gotten sort of tall. they look healthy and have about 8 to 10 nice leaves on them. is it ok to pinch them back? this is my first year with these.


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Dave_zone_5(Zone 5a/4b Wisc)

sure, they can be pinched no problem. If you want more stick the "pinchings" in moist potting soil.

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Absolutely. Pinching impatiens actually results in many more flowers. Pinch them back to 2-4 leaves. When the new growing points are out you can pinch these back again if you like. Count on stopping the pinching 3-4 weeks before flowering is desired.

As mentioned above, you can root impatiens from cuttings (pinchings) very easily. Simply place them along the rim of a flower pot in well draining potting soil. Enclose the pot in a plastic bag and place in a warm place in indirect light (or near fluorescent light source). Check daily and mist the foliage. in a week to 10 days they will root. You can also root them in water in a vase, but change the water daily. Once roots form, repot in small pots.

Pinch cuttings back as soon as they have rooted well into their pots. Count on flowering 4-5 weeks from making the cuttings.

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jree(z6 TN)

thanks for the replies, i thought you could pinch but i didn't know the cuttings would root that way. thanks for the info.

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You can give them not a pinching, a haircut would be more appropiate, you can cut them down to a third of their size, at least that´s what I do every year, cuttings root very easily.

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joy4me(z6 NY)

Pinching also strenghtens the roots so the plants energy goes into growing and branching rather than flowers. So, when they have enough branches and are a nice size, you can stop pinching and they will flower.

Afer the flower fades, pinch off the faded flowers to
encourage more flowering. This also keeps the plant from setting seed as you don't want it to do that until season's end.

Hope this helps.


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