Should they be pinched back?

mike48858(z5 MI)April 11, 2006

Hi all.

I am growing Impatiens for the first time this spring. Most of the plants seem to be doing well, with a few runts in the bunch. They seem to be growing upright, and I want them to be more sprawling when I set them out in pots. Last frost date around here is about May 20th. Should I pinch them back somewhere along the main stem? If so, where should this be done? Check out the pics below.

Also, some of the plants seem to be "top-heavy" with the stem not being sturdy enough, and the plants kind of flop around. I've added more potting soil around the stem trying to give them more support. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

How lovely! They look like cuttings. I grow some impatiens from seeds this year. I have the pricy mixed-color double Carousel. It seems to me that they grow slower and weaker. However, they branch themselves without my pinching. At this time, each plant have 2 pairs of true leaves.

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First of all, your impatiens look wonderful! If you decide to pinch them back, check out the plant propagation forum and search for "Pinching & Poking Annuals" by paulinep. She has a useful link on How to Propagate Impatiens and Coleus. You'll end up with a bunch of new plants!

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I wouldn't pinch them back just yet, wait until you get them in the ground, then pinch away! Also, I have not had much luck pinching the New Guinea Impatiens, so you might want to refrain from using this methoc on them.
Your seedlings look terrific, before long, you can have hundreds of em. Be sure to check out my albums and see my beautiful impatiens that reseed in the crack between my cement (faux brick) patio and the real brick wall. I treausre this little surprise garden when it returns each year--even wiggle out many seedlings to plant elsehwere when they get too crowded. Ya gotta love these plants, I have some blooming now, we have had such a mild winter here, even had a blossom or two this winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: All of my picture Albums,

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