Brown spots on back of leaves

stoc zone 6 swedenApril 8, 2014

Does this look like some kind of virus? These are seedlings I have been growing.Some of them have this brown markings on underside of leaves.

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stoc zone 6 sweden

I guess this is not that active a forum.Still don't know if I should pitch these plants?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey dude...

put a link in the annuals forum ... unless you wnat to copy/paste this to a new post there ...

red tissue.. can be confused with brown ... and is sometimes a light issue ... but...

they sure look squat and happy ...

red tissue is also a precursor to normal green.. i cant recall the term .. if there is one ...

you can root 2 to 3 inch cuttings.. its up to you if you want a million more plants ... i lived that nightmare... lol .. started a pack of seed.. too early. and was snipping back and STICKING cuttings for months.. ended up with a bazillion .. lol .. threw mot of them away... but had a lot of fun in winter ...

BTW.. what do the tops of the leaves look like???

i am not familiar with the diseases of I's.. so no help there ... and i know there is some major epidemic with such.. but i dont care.. as i dont grow them anymore ....

a lot of the forums are dead.. so stick with your friends in forums that are more active ...

hope this is the post you emailed about ...

see link below.. that which i discuss.. was memories of rooting I's .... so if you want to try.. read there ... i had 8 by 8 inch cake pans filled with hundreds of cuttings.. lol..


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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