What type of Impatiens?

kimcocoApril 23, 2009

I'll be planting impatiens in full shade in my new flower boxes this year. I don't know much about impatiens or available cultivars...what type would you recommend? Bedding plants?? What kind do I look for at the nursery? Should I buy hanging baskets and transplant those to my flower boxes?

I'd like something that is going to have nice height (mounding) as that will have a nice impact from the road. I'm looking for a nice red variety.


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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Deep shade??

Are you starting from seed?

Are you stuck on impatiens? I've never seen anything look better in a flower box like Dragon Wing begonias - they grow 16" by 16" (one plant!)

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Tom, I did a search and came across another posting on gardenweb...I remember seeing pics of your begonias in your yard when I was asking about begonias last year. Beautiful.

Yes, I'm open to anything in my containers that will work, as long as it will be in bloom all summer to frost, and will have a nice impact from the road. I usually water my containers daily or as needed.

I don't know much about annuals, do I purchase these as hanging baskets and transfer them to my window boxes, or do I purchase a single plant???? I don't want to start from seed (no patience). How far apart do I space these? I have one window box 60" in length, and the other is 93 or 96?? inches in length.

The area is east facing, huge mature maple overhead, awnings over the windows, the northeast corner is deep shade, the southeast corner will get maybe dappled shade or reflective sunlight.

I think these would look stunning in my window boxes.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Ok then, If your looking for something in deep shade I'd go
with begonias (any kind of fiberous begonia). They're slow to start for me - b/c they are small (I start from seed). BUT if you go to the nursery/Home Depot. you'll be able to pick up something larger. THey'll be more than impatiens $$ but they grow beautifully in a container. I'd go with single plants rather than a hanging basket - that way they can GROW into your container. They grow beautifully and full...

These are NOT Dragon Wings, but they are happily growing in DEEP SHADE (NO SUN)

I'm rather embarrassed showing this picture, but it shows the neglect... I threw three extra plants (these are dragon wings) into this 4" wide 'window box' on my shed. I neglected them terribly AND did nothing to them and they looked really nice...

I just think this is tough to beat if you are into RED:

BUT if you get more sun you'll have a larger selection (buying plants) if you go with impatiens. I'm not sure if they offer the larger blooming ones like blitz or envoy but, if you can get something like that they'll fill a container. The CLOSER you plant them the quicker they fill in and the taller they get. You don't want to plant them any closer than 6-8 inches apart though...

this is a picture of a growing BAG I did - early...

this is later in the season:

THIS is a picture of a smaller (dwarf) imp in a bag - it's nice, but not as vigorous as the larger blooming (envoy/blitz) imps.

I grow them about 10" apart - early season:

This is a picture about Early August I'd say:

I hope I'm not confusing you:
Deep shade = begonias
containers = begonias look FANTASTIC
more sun = imps
better selection (colors)= imps
go with the larger blooming - not dwarfs (might be tough to do).
Imps = closer you plant the taller they get

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Your plants look fantastic!

I went out and purchased the dragon wings. Pretty nice size (gallon?) containers. Can't wait to get them in my window boxes...our danger of frost is usually up to June 1st. Can I plant these out sooner or should I wait?

I'll post pics when they grow in.

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