Keeping Limelight within bounds

tulipsmiles(6 South of Boston)April 22, 2014

Hi All,
I have three limelight placed within close proximity (3 feet apart) that create a very short hedge.
They were so huge last summer and only getting bigger.
I figure now is the time to cut back if Im going to.
Is it ok for me to take off about 1/3 of their height? and perhaps do a bit of shaping?
I dont want to do any damage but they must stay within some kind of bounds. They are very aggresive! and beautiful...

thanks in advance!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Yes, "regular" Limelight can get around 8' by 8' (and more) so, if growing a hedge, be ready to prune to control and shape often in Spring. It produces blooms on new wood so prune now and post pictures later, in June-ish? I do not have the space for it or a hedge but, I admit, I once considered a hedge of Little Limes a few years ago. Ha!

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I use 2 limelights as part of focal points for a perennial garden. So I prune hard for the last couple years to keep the size reasonable.(under 4-5 ft). They are very hardy and reliable. I typically hard prune them to ~ 18-24 inch tall sometime late March or early April. They will grow back in no time;

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liz_p(8-Dallas, TX)

Wow I'm jealous! Hope mine in Texas grows nice and big ðÂÂÂ

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Any paniculata bought in a pot smaller than 3-gallon will take quite a while to get that large. So buy big or replace with big.

But it's quite acceptable to shape and hard prune them in early Spring. No harm done.

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Once established, Limelights can grow 5' branches in a single season. I've double-pruned in the spring, especially when trying to promote branching...pruned normally the first time, then pinched back new growth once it got to a couple sets of side shoots.

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