Need advice on how to sell indoor hydroponic equipment

Josephthatguy03January 28, 2013

I have been growing indoors for several years now here in Raeford, NC and is a top favorite of my many hobbies. Due to work I am unable to to give it my full attention and I had to stop. I have all this equipment that isn't being used. It would be great for someone who was wanting to get a good setup and try indoor gardening relatively cheap. I want someone to have this equipment that is as passionate about indoor gardening as I am. I have tried craigslist but I am having a hard time finding a buyer and was wondering if anyone of you here had any input on the best methods for selling my equipment. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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i dont know what all you have that i can use, but i might be interested. shoot me an email.

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Thanks for starting threads and sharing the experience related to indoor growing and their equipment. I don't have any experience about selling the equipment. You can mail "roteruder"for help.

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Hey joseph, could you shoot me an email about it. I live in NC too so I could possibly come pick it up. my email addy is on my profile page.

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If you don't mind shipping I wouldn't mind paying extra for some stuff. Let me know what you have.

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ive got 1 sumaster 600w ballast with shade and bulb and a 10 inch rvk extractor fan with ducting any offers contavt me through e`mail

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