Why Won't Impatiens Grow???

LindaMA(MA z5)April 16, 2005

I have Impatiens winter sowing outside, sowing inside in a mini greehouse and also have some sowing in Peat Pellets and they've all been sowing for a long time, why won't the seedlings come up, what am I doing wrong? Everything else I've sowed has come up and is on there way to being strong healthy plants, what's up with my Impatiens. Are they hard to grow?

I have different varieties, mixed colors, bright colors, Strawberry Hybrid and Vanilla Hybrid. I'm so concerned, I was really looking forward to Impatiens this summer.

Any thoughts!

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ironchefrick(z5a Montreal)

Hi Linda,

This is my second season growing impatiens.

You'll get alot of good suggestions/responses about germination conditions, light conditions, constant high humidity...etc., but under ideal conditions, the seedlings should pop out in about 10-12 days.

If you have done the basics right, the primary factor is getting good quality seeds from a reputable seed vendor. I've bought impatiens seeds from Wal-Mart, and have had germination rates of 50%. I've also bought the same variety from a reputable vendor with a 90% rate. I'm not saying Wal-Mart sells bad seeds, but it is not their primary business.

Where did you get your seeds from?

Good luck.

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LindaMA(MA z5)

I got my seeds from HomeDepot and believe it or not the ones that I'm sowing indoors in peat pellets have popped, all but one pellet, I'm thrilled. I don't think the ones that I'm winter sowing are going to though but you never know. Now the tricky part, keeping them strong. Do I need to give the seedlings a lot of sun where they're shade loving plants or just keep them in a bright lite window?

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winter sowed impatiens take a long time to start. They need very wam weather to germinate.

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

I got my seed from Swallowtail Seed. They have been stunted at the same height now for the last two weeks. I can only hope the root growth is there. Extremely tempermental seedlings, very slow to get growing. Will probably be my one and only attempt to grow from seed. In 30 days I need flats of these, and mine from seed will be no where close. ~Suz

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I tried germinating impatiens instead of buying them started because they are expensive to buy so I started them myself about three weeks ago in the greenhouse my husband built. There is cross ventalation. I planted them without covering the seed, didn't allow them to dryout - misted regularly.
Why aren't the germinating or am I being "impatient"? Is that where the name comes from?

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Jordung, All I can say is be extra patient. I had success with germinating seeds that was harvested from last year. It took them nearly 30 days to see light! I guess the seeds were waiting for the right conditions - warmth - to germinate and also to see how long my patience would last!...ha,ha,ha... I nearly gave up on them. I was going to use their cells for some other seedlings! Then all of a sudden, all these tiny seedlings appeared. I was truly overjoyed. My first attempt! Now, I shall wait to see whether it will grow into strong young plants sucessfully.

Best of luck,

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nancyathome(z5 IA)

I've always had very good luck starting impatients but I do use a heat mat. Mine has a thermostat and I never keep it too hot. I bought my seeds at Walmart. The real cheap ones (25 cents) didn't germinate as well as the more expensive ones (99 cents) so next year I'll spend that extra 75 cents. But for not much money I have enough inpatients for me, my mother and my daughter and it is always fun to tell people "I grew them myself"!

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Hmmm.....I just purchased a package of seed: Impatiens Flavour Hybrid Blueberry...and just this morning, I put them in a damp coffee filter to germinate using the baggie method. Assuming I am successful in getting some of them to sprout, I plan on transferring the seedlings into peat pellets to continue growing out until its warm enough to plant them outdoors. I hung my baggie of seed vertically on the side of the refrigerator to keep warm with a piece of packing tape...its an experiment for me with starting seed this way. I just did not realize this plant could be so temperamental!!..Time will tell I guess....GardenLove

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Update:...so far so good!...the baggie method of germination worked like a charm...they sprouted VERY quickly, and as soon as I saw the first signs of germination, I transferred then carefully with a toothpick into a peat pellets(Jiffy Greenhouse)...they now have two leaves...I bought my seed at Walmart and they did fine...I have a different color of Impatien seed planted in some of the peat pots directly....I HOPE they germinate as quickly as those in the baggie hung on the frig!..BTW...I am at a high altitude with cold snowy winters, hot summers...will impatiens successfully re-seed themselves in my climate and zone?..or should I collect seed this year to sow again next spring if I wish to grow more?...Thanks!...GardenLove

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

These types will need to be collected for planting next year.

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