Another unknown tuberous Chinese sp.

milo_z7(7b)April 16, 2007

Any ideas on the species?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Great looking plant! I cant really tell with out flowers but it looks like a form of Impatiens omeiana. Did you get this one from Chen Yi? The other one you showed me before I now believe is I. oxyanthera but a pale pink form of the typical magenta. I have been calling this one under the cultivar name 'Milo' after you of course. I would love a piece of this new beauty. I also saw in her catalog that she has a couple of new Impatiens: Impatiens ernstii and arguta var (marbled leaves. What do you know of these?

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Yes, this is another one from Chen Yi, I ordered a few each of the two plants she listed and they all turned out to be this species. I'd be happy to send you a piece of the rhizome this fall, it seems to be just a vigorous as the others I grow. I think this one is supposed to be "I. arguta var.", the plant sold as "I. ernstii" is cream colored with relatively small flowers:

(Ton Hannink posted pictures of it here.)

How is 'Milo' doing in the heat? (Like the name btw, it's actually my cat's :-) It's been producing lots of seeds here, but I haven't had any seedlings yet.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Is the above flower ernstii? I checked out the link but couldn't open the flower pics. Impatiens 'Milo' is doing great in the heat. These hardy species seem to be good growers for me. My plant has never produced seed yet. I have collected seed from I. arguta and a few from I. tintoria. I would give them a brief chill and then move them inside. I did this with a white form of arguta and all the seeds sprouted. One of my main focus is getting more of these hardy Impatiens into cultivation, so far I have a good dozen species.

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At least it's the plant she sells as I. ernstii, but you have to take her names with pinch of salt, sometimes even the genus is wrong... The red veined one is starting to make buds, so I'll post pictures when it's in flower.

It's good to hear that 'Milo' is doing well in the heat, these tuberous species seem quite adaptable. You are free to spread it in the US if you think it has garden value, I've started selling a few plants myself :-)

Have you tried hybridizing any of the tuberous Chinese species?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I havent been able to get any hybrids as of yet. I have been growing some arguta seedlings to see if I get anything different. What other Impatiens have you purchased from Chin Yi? I would really like to work on some omeiana hybrids though.

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you have said that you have been selling the new coloured impatiens. Would you consider selling me one. Please send me an email -Ray

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Ray; I'll have a piece of the rhizome for you as well in the fall, they were imported this winter so I only have two plants ('Milo' is the one I'm selling).

These two species are the only ones I have received from Chen Yi, I ordered "ernstii" as well, but didn't receive it. I can ask this fall if she has any other species, but unless one were to place a large order it's probably more trouble than it's worth for her. I know someone who received a pink-flowered tuberous Impatiens labeled "Gentiana sp." last year, but it didn't survive the winter unfortunately.

Can Impatiens pollen be stored for a few months, and is it best to keep it in the fridge or freezer? Both the variegated plant and one bought from the UK as "Impatiens sp. ex China" (=I. omeiana, pale form?) are in bud now, and it would be fun to try crossing them with cf. oxyanthera.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I dont know how long pollen will last in the fridge. I would leave the stamen cap off though and just try the pollen.
Impatiens sp ex China we are calling Impatiens omeiana 'Ice Storm' here the orginal omeiana is really 'Eco Hardy' Don Jacobs told me this him self. Tring new crosses would be fun. Too bad about the pink one though. Hmmm maybe I should order the Gentiana sp and see if that is what I would get.

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I'll try to save some pollen, even if it doesn't store well I should hopefully have another 'Ice Storm' in flower. Are there more than two clones in cultivation?

Yes, too bad the pink one died, although since it was planted in Harstad above the Arctic Circle it was probably to be expected. I didn't know about it in time before the winter, or I would have asked for a cutting. You could try ordering the Gentiana sp., but it was most likely just a misdelivery. I know one other Chinese plant dealer that might be able to help, but his prices are at least 10 times those of Chen Yi.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Who is this other Chinese plant dealer.

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Sorry Derick, I haven't seen your reply, I've emailed you.

The new unknown will be in flower in a week or two, and it looks a lot like an Impatiens omeiana:

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kenandbea(Zone 8 or 9)

wow milo this one is very pretty! Please let us see the blooms that were forming when they open. Thanks for sharing the photos with us all.

Can you tell me where to get Chen Yi catalogue? Is there a web site? or any other sources for these lovely specie types.



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