Endless Summer in this spot or Limelight??

summerstar(Z7VA)April 15, 2014

I have a space that's 5 x 5 that I'm hoping I can plant an hydrangea in. The space is on the north side of the house along the fence line. It receives sun three quarters of the day. It's pretty hot and humid here in central VA in the summer, so I'm wondering how well Endless Summer would grow in this space, or would the variety Limelight be better. I would prefer not having to water the plant constantly to keep it growing in this spot. In the winter the sun is low and that area is almost constantly in shade. I'd sure appreciate an opinion. Thanks much.

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Limelight in my opinion would suit that location, but it may not enjoy mainly shade. you can always plant shade plants instead of hydrangeas and then go find a sunny or partly shaded area to plant in the hydrangea in

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3/4 of the day is a lot of sun. If it was along the north side of house, it would be in a lot of shade, but if it is away from the house, it is south-facing. That might be too much sun for a Hydrangea, esp in your zone. Is it mid-day afternoon sun? That could be very stressful.

If you don't want to worry about watering, Limelight is going to be more forgiving. It is a paniculata and not a mophead. Mopheads have thinner leaves and wilt easily. There is a 'Little Lime' plant also that may be better suited to the size available. Limelight can get quite large and will overgrow that space. QuickFire is another great paniculata choice and may run a bit smaller than Limelight.

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From the sounds of it, I'd better forget about a hydrangea in that spot. I will need to find a smaller shrub that will take the sun there. I thought of some taller perennials, but that space is at the end of a border next to a gate and think a shrub would look better than flowers. Not many spaces in my garden for the light requirements that hydrangeas need. Nuts!!!! Thanks for your help though. I appreciate it!

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kidhorn(7a MD)

I would consider something like a double knockout rose. Cleary you want something that flowers and double knockouts will produce big red blooms all summer long. They're very disease resistant and like a lot of sun. You may need to water during drought, but not as much as you would with a hydrangea, Just a suggestion.

If you really want a hydrangea, I would look at an oakleaf.

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