Not a Gardener Need Help

eileenlaunonenApril 20, 2007

I do not Garden but feel compelled since I renovated my yard last summer maybe I will learn to love it hmmmm...At what point can I plant I live on South Shore of Long Island...Is it too early to start???? I had a professional do all the heavy planting last year Hydrenga Rose of sharon pear trees Lilacs etc...Ill do the bed planting this year! TIA

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albertar(z7 LINY)

Hi Eileen
I'm familiar with you from the recipe and cooking forums. I think I sent you recipe for black beans once, LOL. Anyway back to gardening. Spring seems to have sprung here, but its still a little early to get things outside just yet. You might enjoy the winter sowing forums for next year, and the group there are very friendly. Are you looking to learn about vegetable gardens or just flower gardens? May 15th is usually a good safe bet for planting outside. Give me a hollar and I'll try to guide you.
(I'm in Mastic)

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greenhouser(Middle TN Zone 6)

To plant tender flowers it's best to wait until at least a week past your frost date. I believe that's the 15th of April on Long Island.

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About two weeks ago, I purchased and planted six Fiesta® lavender orchid double impatiens in two plastic rectangular containers. I purchased them from a reputable garden center. They were beautiful for the first week or so. Then, they began to wilt, and so I watered them. And watered them. And watered them. They seemed ok in the mornings, but when the temperature and humidity rose, they wilted. And, so, I kept on watering.

So, I think I overwatered them. And they look horrific! Poor babies! I am very, very sad.:( All of the blooms and most of the buds have fallen off, and the foilage is extremely wilted.

**They also are located on a rear apartment patio which doesn't receive sun until about 3pm in the afternoon. So, I suspect that that may have been a contributing factor.

As a novice container gardener and a very newbie double impatiens gardener: Will I be able to revive my impatiens?

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