New member with New Guinea..Help

melissaw140April 24, 2005


I am a brand new member with my first house plant :)

I picked the New Guinea becuase it is non toxic to pets, easy to maintain & does well in the heat. ( I live in south Forida). Here are my questions and I appreciate any help

1) It is in a pot on the patio..How often do I water? (It is in sun) 2x per day?

And how do I know enough water is enough?

2) I read that miracle grow is good. But 1 or 2x per week? and how much do I sprinkle in the pot?

3) What is pinching back? Is that just cutting away the dead stems?

4) I read on Mrimpatiens that if the leaves look dead or rotted to spray a mix of dish soap,alcohol and H2o. How many times should I spray?

Thanks,..I dont want them to die and I heard that the New Guinea is good for the heat.

Thank you all so much!

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P.S I forgot to say that I purchased it already potted ( from Home Depot) and it is in a screened patio

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

1. water when the top inch of soil is dry to touch.
2. follow the what the bos says. feed like any other plant.
3. you shouldnt need to pinch back but pinching is just taking off the very tip of the branch.
4. that is a mix for spraying bugs.
I dont know how well they will take summer Florida heat. For waht I hear they may die off by then. Keep them in a shaded spot they should do ok.

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