288 cell tray of Impatients -now what?

orandaApril 30, 2010

Someone gifted me with a 288 cell flat of impatient. What do I do next? Too small to go in the ground at this size

, right? I am in Denver. Too early to put out now. They are getting root bound. I am looking for a solution without

having to go out and buy 6 paks etc for the next step if something different can be done.

Thank you!


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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Can you get them into 6-8 oz cups for a few weeks until you can get them outside?

They really need to get into something bigger.

That would really help build their root system.

You could plant them outside that small after they are hardened off, but they would be much happier in a larger container for a few weeks.

What a great gift!


PS I LOVE DENVER I just got back from skiiing Loveland's Pass two days ago. 2 feet of fresh powder!! woo hoo

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Got any strawberry jars? You know the kind with multi openings for strawberry plants. If so, start putting them in those. It's best done when the plants are little and believe me, they fill those holes and make a beautiful upright display, I do it every year in my shady areas that are too dry to grow anything.

Another favorite of mine is an impatient crate. If you can get a wooden crate with slats at least an inch, more is better, apart, line with garbage bags leaving top open for watering, fill with soil, cut slits in the plastic and insert plants in sides and then plant the top, again, best done while they are young. By the time they fill out you will have a mound of impatients. Plus it's easy to water, I just leave the hose on a slow drip for a few hours, once or twice a week depending on weather. Once you get the soil totally moist all the way through, it will stay that way for a long time.

Make a sack of heavy duty burlap or plastic, fill with dirt, cut slits, plant and hang from a tree. But put in an inch wide pvc pipe drilled with holes in the center for watering first.

Lay a large bag of potting soil on the ground and cut slits in it and plant.

Make an impatient tower. Take a large pvc pipe and drill inch wide holes in it. Take a smaller pipe and drill smaller hole. Put small pipe in center of large pipe and fill with dirt leaving the small pipe empty, that is your watering pipe, you fill it with water to make it drip out into the soil. The tower can be as big as your imagination and other plants can be added for extra interest.

Best idea yet, send about a hundred to me, I still have several strawberry jars and shade planters to fill, lol.

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