hippostorageApril 30, 2012

Limelights slow to leaf out. Some plants will produce small amount of leaf and die. Beds irrigated and 10-10-10 slow release applied in spring. WHat can be the problem. This has happened to more that one plant?

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I believe limelight love lots of sun...what kind of light and soil conditions is your limelight in?

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Also, in what state do you live? What is your USDA Zone? How old are the Limelights? Are they planted in the ground? Are they in a windy location? Is your soil sandy? Have you had late frosts?

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How much does wind affect hydrangeas? Do they prefer sheltered locations for best blooms?

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Windy locations will make plants loose moisture through the leaves faster than they can absorb it through the roots. This results in leaf wilting. But do not necessarily panic if you see this; if the soil is moist, the leaves should recover on their own by the next morning. If the wilting episode looks extreme, immediately give the plant about 1/2 as much water as you usually give it (say, 1/2 gallon on a newly planted shrub for example).

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Ok that makes sense. Hydrangeas really need a lot of water huh? My ES is in a pretty sheltered location and mostly shade so i havent had to water it a lot but its my first go around with hydrangea. Any tips on ES for a newbie? I also am trying to decide on the best white hydrangea to use for that location, any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

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