New Hydrangea

angelamarakApril 16, 2009

I received an Annabelle Hydrangea today in a 4 inch pot. The thing is very small. I am going to plant it this weekend, but I have tow questions...

How fast do they grow? Will I see anything this summer?

How long before they are well established? Thanks in advance.


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The hydrangea you have is a very young one, probably from a cutting with a single stem...I can only tell you what I did to my hydrangeas that are this small...I let them grow in a protected location (away from battering rain, blazing hot sun, gusty winds, or freezing temps) and in a 6 or 8-inch pot for this season...this will give the hydrangea a bit more time to develop its root system w/o a lot of stress...during this growing season, since it is in a pot, you can move the plant around - say if you are expecting a 100 degree hot summer day, put the thing under more shade...if you are expecting a very nasty rainy day, take it indoor..and most importantly, this coming winter, you can take the pot into the unheated garage...bottomline is you need to work hard and care for this young for blooms, I think you can expect a small single bloom this yr...but from my experience, I pinch off the top flowering buds and let the plant to branch out more and spend more energy to develop the sacriface one season of blooms and you will get a much much healthier plant next season with a lot of blooms...your little hydrangea is like a 3-month old baby, you have to take give it extra care, and no babies should be left to expose the harsh elements of nature this young...I have a couple of pretty young Incrediballs growing in one-gallon pots now, and intend to keep them in the pots this season and put them into the ground in 2010...give them time, protection, care, always a recipe for success.

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