Questions about growing Impatien seeds

liana789plantsApril 1, 2004


This is the first time that I'm trying to grow impatiens walleriana from seeds. Last year, I harvested seeds from an impatien with red and white striped flowers. I would like to know 1) do impatien seeds need light to germinate or should I cover them with soil, 2) will the seedlings come true (in other words, will they bloom the same kind of flowers as their parent) and 3) how long should it take for them to bloom. Sorry if these questions have been answered before, but I'm fairly new to growing impatiens as well as to this forum. Any help will be appreciated.


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

They need light, sow on the surface.
They won't come true. Could be all red, all white, some with stripes, mixed, anything could happen :)
It takesa a minimum of 8 weeks from sowing to first flowers, possibly more depending on your growing conditions.

Your seeds will need to be in a plastic bag or covered with a dome to keep humidity high. The temperature must be kept above 65F day and night until the leaves appear, the ideal temperature is around 75F.

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Thanks for the helpful info!

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1. they need light, so press the seeds into the soil but do not cover. make sure the soil is very moist.

avoid using growing media with fertilizer. impatiens germinate poorly and seedlings may be mis-shaped if high levels of fertilizer. try to use one without fertilizer.

2. I doubt the hybrid seeds will come true to type, but they should do great anyway

3. normally I say 10 weeks from planting to flowering, but a few hybrid seeds which has been preparred by the growers may flower in 8 weeks.

During seed germination try to maintain an even temperature just above 70 deg F for best results. One way to do this is to keep a heat mat under the flats. Another way is to keep a fluorescent lights 8-12" above the top of a plastic covered flat. The temperatures inside the plastic cover will rise because of the light. keep the light on 24/7 to keep the temperatures steady and germination should happen within 10 days.

Note: avoid too strong light. we found that very strong lights (such as HID light) and too many fluorescent types at one time, combined with high temperatures, prevented germination. Keeping a single fluorscent fixture on 12" above the dome is usually sufficient until germination.

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After germination how far the light should be? I use sho and gro flowrescent 26" long 33 watts.

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After germination, keep the lights 2-3" above the top of the plants. Make sure you remove the dome first.

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I planted 2 trays of 72 cells a week ago today with 3 species of impatien seeds from Swallowtail Gardens online. I am using 2 HydraFarm #CK64050 germination kits from Unfortunately, I did not find this forum until after planting. Still, I have 53 sprouts out of 144 showing today. But very few of the edge cells are sprouting. Any ideas? I spread the two 48" grow lights about 2" apart today. Where do you find a thermometer that fits under the 2" humidity cover, and what type or model number do you use? My setup is in the garage, it has been cold outside most nights (western Washington state), and I worry about them being warm enough. I check the moisture morning and evening, and remove the condensation from inside the dome at the same times. I did find the 7" high domes at the local ACE hardware store, but I am not there yet. When should I open the vents on the lids? When do you give up on any more sprouting, and remove the covers? I have about 30 more seeds. Will they keep until next year, or should I plant them in a second generation?

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They need bottom warmth(heat matt) to help them germinate. You can get a digital thermometer with an external probe at any chain pet store in the reptile department. Domes come off after the seeds germinate. I would remove them now and just hope for the best for the rest of them. Seeds can be stored in an airtight container/ziplock baggy. If you start the remaining seeds, do it in the house on top of a fridge or other warm place.

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Thanks franknjim for the help. The kit does come with a bottom heating pad, but neither feels very warm. I did remove the domes full time after about 8 days. I now have 128 sprouts out of 144 cells. I am psyched, but what am I going to do if they all live? Rhetorical question.
I am bottom watering per this forum. This whole seed germination thing has been a great experience so far.
Can anybody tell me when to start fertilizing the sprouts, how much to use, how to mix/dilute the fertilizer, wet or dry, etc. I did look carefully thru the titles of all the topics in this forum, and I must have overlooked the specifics.
NOTE: I have spent a lot of time in the fuchsia and hummingbird forums, and WOW there is a lot of good info within these forums. I am going to read some others as well. Thanks to all the contributers!!!

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You can start feeding by watering with a half strength liquid fertilizer after the first pair of true leaves form. You use the half strength fertilizer everytime you water thereafter.

A heat matt should not feel hot to the touch since they are mostly designed just to keep the flat 10 degrees above the ambient room temperature.

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On Saturday it looks like I let the seedlings dry out. Several fell over on Saturday and died before evening when I bottom watered them very briefly. I have added a heat bulb, and perhaps that will warm the area. Several others still look like they are trying to still germinate. A few are on their second set of tiny leaves.

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