Time To Move?

ttoddApril 25, 2012

I have 3 Nikko Blue bushes between 7-10yrs old. They used to be in dappled afternoon shade thanks to a huge evergreen tree but the tree had to come down after beginning to collapse under the weight of it's own limbs. Since then, for the past 4yrs the Nikko Blues have been in unrelenting sunlight from sunup to sundown. Each year the leaves and branches look more and more sickly and weak looking despite watering constantly, sometimes 2x/ day depending on how they look come late afternoon. Often the leaves look burned. Do Hydrangea leaves burn like hosta leaves?

I'm thinking that maybe it would benefit them to relocate them to the side of the house where my other Nikko Blues are still flourishing under more shaded and moister conditions.

What do you think? Could moving be the answer for these poor bushes? If so I'd like to do it very soon.

Thank yo so much for your thoughts!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Sunscorch makes the leaves turn all yellow-ish or white-ish on the leaves in direct contact with the sun. If you see this sign, you could move them or provide shade with a shade cloth until "something" grows that can protect them. Or you can erect a structure that will shade them. Unfortunately, the best time to move was when the shrub was dormant but if you have to mvoe them, you have to move them. Just try to move as much of the root ball as you (and another person) can move together. There should be lots of roots on a 7-10 y/o.

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