Winter Hummingbirds

MistyBeagle127December 20, 2012

Does anyone see hummers in AZ TX or CA in the winter?

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Year round for me--northern California.

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I'm NW of San Antonio. I started seeing winter hummingbirds in my neighborhood last winter, when several showed up in November 2011. As far as I can tell, there's only one hummer around here this winter. I'm having trouble with bees constantly on the feeder the last few days. I had bee guards, but the bees crawl inside the bee guards, so I took them off. Hopefully, this won't go on long, as it's hard for the hummer to feed! I've never had such a big problem with bees before!

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The bees haven't been seen since Christmas, when an extremely windy cold front blew in, followed by hard freezes for 2 nights. This is the hummer that comes here, which looks like a Rufous to me! It's often shy, so this slightly fuzzy pic was from a good distance away.

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Since the pic didn't go through, I'll try once more.

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mbrowne(9b Central CA)

I still see Anna's here in the center of California. It looks like at least 3 males and 2 females. The males are getting a bit pear-shaped. There are a few blossoms left on the honeysuckle, and I have feeders up. This is one from yesterday:

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Got up this morning & found this little guy at my frozen feeder (I forgot to bring it in last night) he has either a black or blue body & red capped head. I live in Puget Sound area of WA state. I've had Anna's wintering here since before '09, just learned that the Rudy's & Rufous are wintering here as well.

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New to this forum. I frequently have hummingbirds in my yard around the bird of paradise and salvia. Few years back I remember a nest in our avocado tree
Last week, discovered an Anna building a nest outside the window in another avocado tree. Such fun! No eggs yet.

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