Home depot pelletized impatiens seeds

chrislightApril 12, 2004

Sold by NK lawn and garden, in Home Depot, I saw a big package of impatien pelletized seeds listed for $10 that I can direct seed on May first. It says it covers 500 sq. ft. Has anyone tried this or any other pelletized seeds?

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It takes impatiens about 8-10 weeks to flower from sowing under good conditions, but the seeds require almost continously warm soil around 60-70 deg F to germinate. If direct sowed outdoors, you can probably not see germination until late may and that would give you flowers by early august, if you are lucky. Direct sown impatiens may be suitable for zones where germination temperatures are present in february and you have entire growing season until november, but for zone6 it is not worth it.

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