Newly planted flat of imp. dying Help!!

turaloora(z10Cal.)April 20, 2005

Over a week ago i planted a flat of impations. Most of them are dying. I can just pull them out of the soil easy and leaves shriveling and dying. One thing i can think of is i accidently underdiluted my maxsea fertilizer by 1 tbsp to 1 gallon water instead of 1 tps to 2 gall of wather wich is the correct dilution/watering of it. Any other reasons why they are dying, if not this? Oh i also mixed loam builder into the soil before planting btw. thanks Gigi

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chickadee_42us(8a Tx)

Is this occurring at ground level? I have the same problem, someone mentioned possibly slugs/snails. I have tried bait for these but the problem is remaining. I am still searching for an answer.

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callalilykris(z5b MI)

Are the impatiens planted in the sun or shade? They are a flower that thrives in the shade. They don't usually do well in the sun.

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My impatients are in full sun and they grow like weeds every year.

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