Hydro Habaneros

ucovinero(7 Atlanta, GA)February 15, 2006

HI ALL! Ucovinero here... just thought I'd start a thread to say how awesome this site is! As well as start a grow journal for my Hydro Habaneros of 2006!


lighting = 2 175watt MH

system = 3 Five gal DWC buckets

strain = Fatali Habaneros (long yellow)

nutes = General hydroponics (only using blood and micro) as long as you use 1/3 strength of the blood its fine.

make shift ballast *LOL*

more pics soon!

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ucovinero(7 Atlanta, GA)

blood=bloom cant type tonight !

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hear is a pic from a dwc habanero, summer of 2005

Here is a link that might be useful: my gallery

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